Jay Moskowitz [President, CEO]

Jay is a hands-on executive with over 30 years of experience in the communications industry with a focus on wireless communications for more than two thirds of that period. Mr. Moskowitz is President and CEO of Wireless Marvels, an R&D Company that designs and creates wireless products and applications as well as the infrastructure that supports real time communication systems. It’s first product, FORE! FM was an FM Radio built into a golf ball designed for the US Golf Open.

From May 2001 – 2002 Mr. Moskowitz was president of ON Networks Inc. a ten plus person company that utilized Radio Paging Technology to create intelligent consumer products for the home. Mr. Moskowitz was the founder, President, CEO and CTO of RTS Wireless, an infrastructure manufacturer that designed and developed highly redundant and scaleable communication systems that ran at the heart of Radio Paging, Cellular and PCS networks. After 13 years of operations, RTS Wireless was sold to Aether Systems in December 2000 for over $111M.

Prior to starting RTS, Mr. Moskowitz was SVP of Engineering for Spectrum Communications and Electronics (SCE), a manufacturer of Radio Paging, Voice Mail, Telephone Answering and Cellular Mobile Telephone Switching equipment among other products. He left SCE to start RTS after an unsuccessful attempt to acquire the company (it was sold to Ericsson Communications a year later).

Mr. Moskowitz was also President of RTS Electronics Inc. where he designed, developed and patented (5,249,220) the first special purpose PDA specifically for sending messages to fax machines and pagers, a product that was listed for many years in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds smallest fax machine.

For the 17 years prior to joining SCE, Mr. Moskowitz was a senior designer, developer and consultant in the development of software intensive communication and real time systems. Among his clients were ITT Domestic Transmission Systems, Xerox-XTEN, Western Union International, MCI and Citibank. He was formerly with Graphic Scanning Corporation where he designed the Graphnet store-and-forward facsimile-messaging network among several other major communication products operated by the company. He was President of Intersystem Software where he developed and marketed TICKERTEC™, a successful real time stock market quotation and analysis system installed in more than 30 states and Canada.

In addition, Mr. Moskowitz was a system designer to NASA in the development of the SKYLAB space station simulator used to train astronauts. He holds a BS degree in Physics from The Cooper Union, is a senior member of the IEEE and ACM, created several protocols used to enable Wireless Instant Messaging systems for AOL and Motorola products, was the creator of the TCP/IP XML based paging/PCS Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol (WCTP) protocol, Chairman of the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA) Telocator Network Paging Protocol (TNPP) committee, Chairman of the Alphanumeric Paging Protocol (TAP) committee, Data Paging Protocol (TDP) committee, and the Interswitch Paging Protocol (TIPP) Committee. He has been a magazine author and lecturer in the paging industry, represented the United States at the European Messaging Systems (ERMES) Committee meetings in Barcelona, and is a co-author of The Comprehensive Guide to Paging published by BIA Publications Inc.

Email: jay@wirelessmarvels.com